Technology integration services

We assist you through the entire process for adopting RVCR technology products

to help you attain 'Zero Carbon' objectives.


We facilitate RVCR technology adoption and help you in optimizing the entire process. New Technology acquisition & streamlining it into tyour mainstream business is a complex and demanding process. We help you comprehend & conjecture on the all aspects of new technology for acquisition.

We offer multiple options for you to deceide the best suited adoption methodology. The various heads involved are covered herein.

RVCR 'segment specific' business case assessment

Each RVCR segment has its specific

RVCR implication assessment

We have devised flexible mechanisms for joint evaluations for RVCR Product to help clients with this demanding challenge. We conduct assessment and analysis of technology suitability for your Product Range. RVCR technology business case is based on both tangible as well as intangible gains.

The implications are evaluated in its entirety and include its technological, financial, economic, social, environmental and the perceptual value of the technology. It starts with high level overview of a perticular application (in the heads listed below and finer details are worked downwards of the various branches of its busines

  • Concept Product Feasibility & Viability Assessment.

  • ‘Segment/Sector’ specific profitability Analysis.

  • Product Specific Technical Analysis ( equivalent product comparison).

  • Market need and Product Value Quantification.

Product value comparison

RVCR technology product displaces the existing systems. It realization involves change in production and assembly line and integration into final product. The cost benefits of investing in change is vital and this involves various components

  • Manufacturing and material cost saving

  • Operating cost savings

  • Inventory cost savings.

  • Regulatory compliance gains.

  • long term Market need and product Value Quantification.

Business intangibles

The RVCR product replaces the existing products and its production involves change

  • Technological leadership.

  • Environmental & Social gains.

  • Economic from market Transformation gains.

  • Brand Value (Scientific Sophistication Quotient).

  • End-user acceptability, behaviour and skill requirment

Project cost evaluation and business structure

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Project Implementation

Project planning and execution

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Team and resource management.

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Project financials and structuring

The project financing is kept flexible to accomadate the various factors. The main consideration for its future extrapolation of the project opertions into an independent business vertical.

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The RVCR concept is an invention in the field of kinematic mechanism that seeds a new breed of highly energy efficient machines with possibilities of newer functionalities to effectively deal with 21st century market drivers.