About Us

Shaping newer green machine genealogies.

We are:- Pioneers of Break-Through RVCR Technology

We have conceptualized, developed, and patented the ‘RVCR technology’. It is an entirely new approach on mechanism in energy conversion. It is based on a breakthrough Concept in ‘kinematics’ and has numerous engineering applications.

At GYATK, our endeavor is to realize the techno commercial potential of the RVCR technology.


GYATK RVCR Apparatus Pvt Limited-India (GYATK) was incorporated, by Founder, Chairman Mr. Das Ajee Kamath. Our objective is to be a globally leading commercial R&D company and we are leveraging our invention of revolutionary RVCR technology for achieving it.

Our focus areas

  • to successfully design, develop technologies of system based on RVCR.
  • Demonstrating these system and their capabilities.
  • Integrating them in pilot products and showcasing its commercial viability
  • Licensing the technology to Industry players for use and sale.

RVCR individual application of mainstream industry verticals are dealt by dedicated subsidiaries of GYATK under the KGYAT domain.


‘To successfully commercialize technologies based on the invention of the ‘RVCR principle in energy conversion’.

 “To enable the transport and energy Industry with RVCR technology solutions for achieving its Zero Carbon goals”.

 ‘To be a global leaders in industrial deep tech innovation and technology services .


“We at gyatk committed to augment ‘Innovation management’ and ‘product development techniques’ to deal with demands of a ‘Zero Carbon’ ecosystem’, to enhance the commercial potency of RVCR Technology systems.”

Our Strength


  • We have successfully built-up capability in the High-End engineering forte of Prime-Mover Technology Design & development for making inroads into the niche commercial R&D business.
  • GYATK owns the IPR (commercial exclusivity) through secured Patents, and licenses Both IPR and technologies to OEM’s.
  • We have developed a robust network of Value chain partners, in contractual relationships for undertaking “Green-Field Techno-commercial project based on RVCR concepts”.

Our Business Operations

  • Undertaking pilot RVCR systems D & D projects.
  • Creating RVCR system specific IP Rights
  • Facilitating technology integration services.
  • RVCR tech systems commercialization.

Adding a new dimension to climate change mitigation

Industry’s continued dependence on incremental innovations in conventional technologies is unable to address 21st century needs. Now when markets are at the crossroads of further Industrial development and being environmentally responsible, GYATK is playing an enabling role in providing the global industry with an optimal sustainable progressive solution with its RVCR deep Tech innovation.

(We witnessed a leap in energy conversion systems beginning with steam engines, through the industrial age. However, these systems are now the root cause of the climate debacle. All innovations in this area are to adapt these technologies to serve stricter climate regulations. This cannot suffice for todays and forthcoming environmental market drivers).

Raison d'être

At GYATK, we are driven by the urge to excel in the field of engineering machine design. We believe in serving the purpose of enabling the global industry to achieve its most optimal efficiency and value.

Our quest for excellence pushes us to reason newer concepts and design solutions. This reflects in our invention of RVCR kinematics, and competency for devising products with newer functionalities and performance possibilities.

RVCR principle being a seed mechanism is an anchor-point for catapulting industry and society to newer realms of productivity, performance, and efficiency.

We channel our following strengths

  • Ability to comprehend and conjecture on commercial feasibility of ideas at an early stage.
  • clarity in engineering fundamentals, knowledge of product development and manufacture.
  • Insight in Market Dynamics; Cost Drivers and Analytical abilities for assessment of possible commercial acceptance of such products in future market space.
  • Ability to foresee a new technology system capability and its strategic packaging for segment specific needs.
  • Ability to plan milestone-based Technology development’, ‘Product Realization’, ‘Validation’ and ‘Commercialization’.
  • JV operations management for Innovation.

At GYATK our techno-prudence enables us to envision feasibilities and viability of early-stage ideas. We outstretch to high hanging fruit with confidence, that are risky and far-fetched for OEMs.

We evaluate the technology risk at early concept stage ideas and convert high potential ideas, concept technologies and inventions to a commercially viable systems & products.


“Pursuit to excellence directs the course of civilization.”

The Motto

“Race to excellence does not have a finish line.”

“At GYATK the path to excellence is to add newer dimensions by successfully integrating breakthrough technologies into the industry mainstream and opening newer technological channels to build upon.”