RVCR Opportunities

RVCR - a gamechanger innovation in 'Mechanisms of Energy Conversion' Get future ready with RVCR Products


an enabler @ critical point

Despite trillions in investments, industry is struggling to cope with pressures to attain ‘Net Zero Carbon 2050’ goals.

Today’s machines invented more than a century ago are saturating at peak efficiency from decades of continual refinement. OEM’ are dependent on obscenely costly incremental innovations of these yesteryears technologies, for newer environmental challenges.

RVCR alleviates this pain by outputing a new breed of ‘Zero Carbon’ systems for climate market drivers.

RVCR Markets

Addressing Zero Carbon tech market demand

RVCR TAM covers entire transport & energy sector

RVCR products erase established market segment demarcations and its market is evaluated on a specific business case basis. For details please contact us at info@gyatk.com

RVCR green I.C. Engine business case targets the niche Primemovers D&D services market. The projected SAM is about $13B. Our RVCR wind motor project targets renewable energy primemover market.

Business case

Creating newer markets

We develop business case for RVCR pilot product commercilization.

Our RVCR drive in ‘Specific market segment’ requires aligning of initiatives at various levels in the product value chain, among Industry players, technocrats, and investors. It is set to open new opportunities for partnerships, professional engagements, and investments. Contact us for exploring prospects with RVCR.

We invite you to explore business prospects with RVCR technology projects for product applications. Feel free to contact for any queries.