Hydro Motor Project

Project by GYATK


RVCR concept based Hydro Motor Technology

RVCR Hydro-Kinematic Power Generation

An entirely new Principal in Prime-Mover Drive Mechanism that that enable multi-fold increase in energy capture efficiency compared to modern wind turbines. The RVCR principal simplifies the mechanics of Prime-Mover to reduce the Capital Cost drastically and the engineering involved reduces operations cost.

The Conventional Hydro Kinematic system use turbines to extract drive power from flow energy in canals, rivers etc.

RVCR HKPG is a new method is a rotary positive displacement mechanism that uses pressure differential created from flow energy of water as a drive force.

Why RVCR Hydro Motor ?

The Principle

The RVCR Hydro Kinematic Prime-Mover Project is based on the invention titled ‘Fluid Driven Prime-Mover’ and which covers both the hydro cum wind Motors inventions. The Project to develop its technology was 1st conceived as a joint endeavor with the university of Maryland, and through funding from INDO US Science and Technology Fund.

The Impact

RVCR compressors are positive displacement with adjustable compression ratio, offering high- and low- discharge and varying flow rates with single unit. Absence of Crank mechanism assures eliminations of vibrations, which aids to work with high speed.


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