Specialized Fluid Unit Project

Project by GYATK


RVCR concept based Pumps

Variable Delivery Feature

The feature discussed in the above para is known as Variable delivery. Pumps that can adapt their discharge are known as variable delivery Pump. These are rare pumps and very limited in number used only in very specialized types of applications mostly Hydraulics.

RVCR mechanism for the 1st time makes a simple system that deliver ‘Variable Delivery Pumps’. It can achieve variation in flow rate with a simplified mechanism compared to conventional variable delivery pumps. It can be scaled up in large sizes with ease to handle large volumes of fluids. The simplicity of RVCR parts makes it Possible. The simplicity of the design and the large volumes it can handle results in mutli-fold increase in its Flow rate ratio to weight and flowrate ratio to the pump Volume ratio. Hence RVCR can be used to handle fluid on industrial scale in process industry ranging from Waste water treatment to Sludge dewatering and thickening etc.

Why RVCR Pumps?

The Principle

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The Impact

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