Wind Motor Project

Project by GYATK


RVCR concept based Wind Motor Technology

RVCR Wind Energy Power Generation

The RVCR is an entirely new Principal in Prime-Mover Drive Mechanism that that enable multi-fold increase in energy capture efficiency compared to modern wind turbines. The RVCR principal simplifies the mechanics of Prime-Mover to reduce the Capital Cost drastically and the engineering involved reduces operations cost.

The Conventional wind turbines are driven by lift, achieved by aero foil profile of turbine blades. The axial flow wind turbines are rotary machines converting the Kinetic Energy of Wind into Power. RVCR is a rotary positive displacement mechanism that uses pressure differential between high wind velocity zone and ground level stagnant air conditions.

Why RVCR Wind Motor ?

The Principle

RVCR wind Motor configuration converts higher wind velocities at elevated levels into low pressure communicated through a wind stack to higher air pressure at ground level ('near zero air velocities) and utilizes RVCR wind motor (Prime Mover) at lower end of the stack to tap into the flow in the rising column of air for power generation. This is made possible due to key attributes of RVCR methodology in simplifying the means to achieve a ‘Rotary Positive Displacement Mechanism’.

The Impact

A source of round the clock, self-sufficing economic power generation unit at proximity, eliminates the extremely demanding energy concerns of populace in general that provides for independence towards tapping the enormous opportunities available locally, leading to a continual upgrading cycle of improved standard of living.


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