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GYATK RVCR Apparatus Pvt Limited

GYATK (India) was incorporated, in 2005, by Founder, Chairman Mr. Das Ajee Kamath and its main objective is to commercialize the invention of the revolutionary RVCR Technology, and establish itself as a globally leading commercial R&D company.

44/460, Prasanth, 1st Floor,
J.J.Road, Vytilla P.O.
Kochi, India 682019
Comp Reg No. (CIN) U73100KL2005PTC017897
TAN No. CHNG01109D
Service Tax No. AACCG6137DST001
DIN No. (Das Ajee) 01213623
DIN No. 01244448
IEC No. 1010002716


KUPL is UK subsidiary of ‘GYATK’ for handling its EU based project operations.

36, Fair-Dale Gardens,
London, England,
SW15 6JW
Comp Reg No. (CIN) U73100KL2005PTC017897
TAN No. CHNG01109D
Service Tax No. AACCG6137DST001
DIN No. (Das Ajee) 01213623
DIN No. 01244448
IEC No. 1010002716


"To successfully Design, Develop, Commercialize and Integrate RVCR technology-based products into mainstream industry"

GYATK’s strategy is to leverage the competitive advantage of its ‘RVCR Proposition’ to achieve its objective.

GYATK’s is invested in IP Rights and Development of RVCR Technology for delivering new generation Prime-Mover for the Energy and Transport Sector for the 21 st century environmental demands.

Our focus is to develop prototype and pilot products (RVCR Prime-Mover) for mass manufacture by licensing RVCR I.P. Rights and technology to client OEM’s and Manufacturers.

Our Strength

At GYATK we have successfully build up capability in the High-End engineering forte of Prime-Mover Technology Design & development for making inroads into the niche commercial R&D business. GYATK owns the IPR (commercial exclusivity) through secured Patents, and licenses Both IPR and technologies to OEM’s. we have developed a robust network of Value chain partners, in contractual relationship.

We undertake Projects to Develop and Deliver ‘Pilot Prototype demonstrator; and ‘Pilot Product Development’. Our RVCR Technology Products help client OEM’s to Leap frog their leading competitors and market leaders who are over-invested in highly saturated conventional technologies which are unable to cope-up with 21 st century environmental demands.

The Business Operations

GYATK initiated its ‘RVCR Techno-Commercial Endeavour’ for achieving its objective and focused on 4 key areas, namely: - IPR Management, Technology development, Proto-Project Execution and Commercialization and has gained immensely from it in the following areas.

  • Patenting & IP Rights Management.
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  • Expertise in Design & Technology Development of RVCR Concept (I.C. Engine).
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  • Executing Legal Licensing agreement.
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  • Revenues Generation through D&D services for pilot prototypes.
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  • Expanded its base in markets with higher acceptance of RVCR at early stage (EU).
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  • Developed a robust supply chain through contractual Partnering for its business process globally.
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  • RVCR Technology grounding sense check at national/ international Platforms. (For validation)
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  • Expertise in Project Execution in Pilot Proto and Product Development.
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  • Innovation Management for the highly specialised demand for RVCR Technology.
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About Inventor

Ajee Kamath

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"To lead globally in converting new Breakthrough and Disruptive technologies into future products that define newer standards in energy efficiency, performance, utility and relevance”

Raison d'être

At GYATK, we are driven by the urge to serve the purpose of enabling the society & global industry to achieve its utmost optimal ‘progressive & productive balance’ between Environment, Resources & its utilization.

The drive force behind the vision is to achieve optimal ‘Sustainable progressive balance’ by pushing the boundaries of Engineering limitations possibilities for realizing new generation commercial products.

These products are anchor-points for catapulting industry and society to newer realms of Productivity, performance and efficiency. The strength of the anchor depends on the need determined by clear perspective of both the macro level evolution of market drivers and the micro level challenges in implementation and sustainability.

The key requisite constituent facets for success are: -

  • Exposure and competence in Scientific and Engineering realm to comprehend and conjecture on commercial feasibility of Radical-High-Potential ideas at an early stage.
  • Insight in Market Dynamics; Cost Drivers and Analytical abilities for assessment of possible commercial acceptance of such products in future market space.
  • The product capability and strategic packaging of its new features for segment specific needs.
  • Project Execution Capability for ‘Planning milestone-based Technology development’, ‘Product Realization’, ‘Validation’ and ‘Commercialization’.
  • Innovation operations Management and control.

At GYATK we use our techno-prudence to envision the entire deep fine-print need of early stage technologies and sieve out opportunities which are left out as far-fetched ideas and Technology Risk by a commercial enterprise that cannot afford to deal in such excellence.

RVCR Technology Endeavour is to enable next generation Prime-Movers for Green Energy Eco-system.


"Continually enhance Scientific Reasoning for evolving optimal efficacy of business operations and improved product efficiency to achieve and deliver the best competitive technologically advanced products "

At GYATK we push the limits of performance & efficiency capabilities to achieve ever-higher ’Design-Freeze’ levels & thus developing the most relevant technologies of our times.

At GYATK we Strive to enable creative thinking to: -

  • Enhance methodologies and techniques as tools to improve design systems and contribute to analytical abilities in evaluating and formulating newer solutions for design feasibilities challenges.
  • Augment potency of ‘Innovation Management’ and ‘Viability Assessments’ systems.
  • To predict the evolution of market drivers for assessing future needs

For successfully undertaking “Green-Field Techno-commercial project based on newer concepts” to facilitate high potential concept technologies and inventions from ideas into a commercially viable product.


“Pursuit to excellence directs the course of civilization.”

The Motto

“Race to excellence does not have a finish line.”

“At GYATK the path to excellence is to add newer dimensions by the way of successfully integrating breakthrough technologies into the industry mainstream and providing newer platforms to build upon.”