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Higher efficiency, performance and capabilities by superior physics

RVCR - a gamechanger innovation in 'Mechanisms of Energy Conversion'

Get future ready with RVCR Products

RVCR Mechanism

The Characteristic attributes of RVCR Mechanism enable it to deliver numerous Benefits and Advantages which brings Immense Value to all Players in the Value Chain of the End Product and the end user.

  • 1st ever Viable means to tap the benefits of ‘VCR’ in Energy Efficiency and Size Reduction.
  • 1st Ever use of ‘Opposed Piston’ Principle in Rotary Configurations for Reduction in Machine Size for higher Out.
  • Statically and Dynamic Balanced Rotors for Reduced Vibration, and Wear of Parts thus reducing downtime for Maintenance.
  • Flexibility in Volume Customization for Suiting to Installation Space Requirements by wider range of ‘Bore Stroke Ratio’ Equivalent.
  • Non-Linear increase in the Degree of Compactness while scaling up.
  • 100% Mechanical Leverage through-out its compression and Expansion Process as the fluid force perpendicular to the Torsion Arm.
  • Reduced Frictional Losses Owing to slow Speed High Torque Possibilities.
  • Optimization of ‘Gas Volume Flow Through Put’ by real-time variation in displacement angle (stroke) of the Rotors.

Benefits of RVCR in I.C. Engine

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  • Fuel Efficiency increase by uniform peak efficiency across load Range.
  • Controlled Combustion & High Efficiency by Constant Volume Heat Addition.
  • Multi-Fuel Capability Enabled through VCR feature.
  • Emission control by Dynamic Peak Temperature control.
  • Improved Mechanical Efficiency from Reduced Losses.
  • Lower Maintenance due to reduced vibrations.
  • Saving cost on material and weight by Down Sizing
  • Reducing piston friction and wear and tear of liner due to side Thrust.

Benefits of RVCR Wind Motor system

  • High Efficiency positive displacement mechanism.
  • Installation at ground level & no high elevation turbines.
  • No yaw Gear (Gyroscopic effect eliminated)
  • No synchronous gearbox required; RPM control by quantitative control of air-flow.
  • No open rotating parts hence Bird hazards are prevented
  • Quieter operation.
  • Embedded installation option available.
  • Easier foundations & layout.
  • Easy transportation & logistics.
  • Shorter Transmission: reduced transmission losses
  • Quick installation & dismantling
  • Lesser No. of components: Ease of manufacturing and assembly
  • Easy maintenance: Lesser mating Parts & contacts, hence Cost-effective maintenance
  • Induced Airflow by wind & hence easy control
  • No lock-down required in High storm wind conditions as Prime-Mover controlled with airflow bypass device
  • Minimal functional variables hence easy Customized sizing advantage
  • Depending upon the wind speed, the angle between vanes to get continuous power supply.

Benefits of RVCR Hydro-Kinematic system

  • High Efficiency positive displacement Mechanism.
  • Easy Maintenance.
  • Uses buoyancy effect for Recovery of submerged units.
  • Fully enclosed Structure.
  • Hydrodynamic design.
  • Simplified metallurgy of vanes & mechanism parts encased in protective casing.
  • Multi-segment assembly hence low level of working stresses.
  • Less frictional loss lesser no. of rotating components.
  • Easy transportation and handling compared to conventional water turbines.
  • Lesser No. of components: Ease of manufacturing and assembly.
  • Lesser mating Parts & contacts.
  • Customized sizing advantage.
  • Easy scaling: Easy design for scales-up & scale-down versions.