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RVCR - a gamechanger innovation in 'Mechanisms of Energy Conversion'

Get future ready with RVCR Products


The RVCR Project offers opportunities for those in pursuit of excellence. RVCR Project is a ‘Green Field Techno- commercial Project based on an entirely novel concept invention in Machine Mechanism’ and unlike periodic system incremental improvement, it is a rare breakthrough category innovation, with no existing equivalence of design geometries, approach and methods. The Project involves extreme engineering Excellence inherent in Prime-Mover Design-Engineering and more challenging aspect of commercialization of a break-through technology product.

The Development of RVCR Technology and its commercialization Project is a very Rare and Unique Project with very specialized needs. It takes Years of Training, Education, Learning and Experience to gain enough expertise in an individual facet of business operations of the Prime-Mover engineering and its business Operation and yet professionals remain aloof of competencies required for Design and Development of I.C. Engine. GYATK had to setup each of its operations structure from the very scratch and streamline the entire operations architecture and structure and is still in the process of enhancing it.

We are on constant lookout of competent and potential Talent for the needs of the project. The competency required for the RVCR Project is as rare as the Project needs and every aspect of its Business Operations requires capability to innovate. You could join or engage with our RVCR Project and write to us regarding area of interest. Please find the below list of the type of engagement available with us. There are 4 Tiers for classifying professionals for associations are listed below and we are open to your suggestions of any new type of association:

The Categories

  • TIER 1 – The Advisory Board Member - for Topmost management and Board members to benefit the project form their experience and network with the top management in Transport, Energy and Oil and Gas segment.
  • TIER 2 – The Strategic heads (Expert Pool) – for Professional Experts and Mavericks in their fields who can strategies and execute tedious plans immaculately for glory and monitory gains.
  • TIER 3 – The Managers/ coordinator (Operations Lead) - for professionals managing on ground operations.
  • TIER 4 – The Executers - The operational hands.

The Engagement Types

  • Freelance Expert for Job contracts
  • Contractual engagement for value chain Partner (Vendor / Supplier/ distributor)
  • A professional associate working on success fee Basis/ and other similar arrangements.
  • Interns

Academic Association

  • Research work for academic purposes
  • Grad-school & Post Grad research Projects (BE, M-Tech)

The Fields

  • Finance & Investment
  • Marketing and sales
  • Branding
  • Legal Regulatory/Accounts/Admin
  • Innovation Management
  • Machine Design & Development
  • Accessories System Integration
  • PLM
  • CAD
  • GD&T
  • Drafter
  • CAE - Thermodynamics
  • CAE (CFD/Thermal/Combustion)
  • CAE (MBD &FEA)
  • MFG/ Metallurgy
  • QC/ Coordination
  • Mating/ Assembly & Testing Engineer
  • Project Planning, ERP
  • IT Tool Support
  • Doc & Std and ISO
  • DSG3 & Standardization
  • Mechatronics
  • Tribology

Project Activities

The Project activities open for pooling- in your expertise that we are currently seek .

  • Business Development
    • Sector and Segment-wise Study of Prime-Mover Market.
    • Business Case study for RVCR Renewable Energy Prime-Movers.
    • Development of RVCR Technology Awareness build up Strategy and Program.
    • Networking Consortium Partners for RVCR I.C. Engine Project in EU for Commercialization
  • Technical Operations
    • Thermodynamic Analysis of the entire RVCR Gas Cycle
    • Constant Volume Heat Addition Process in RVCR Gas Cycle.
    • Developing Thermal Steady State Condition Virtual model.

If the challenges of the RVCR Project appeals to you and want to play a part of in it, you can write to us at and please ensure you cover the following points

  • The Activity you would want to take up in the project.
  • Are you looking for an employment?
  • The value you propose to bring to the RVCR Proposition or that you would want to gain by the engagement?
  • The method of engagement you prefer for e.g. as a free Lance Expert for Individual Assignments or Time contracts?
  • Would want to qualify to be the part of the Expert Pool?
  • Would you want to work on site or engage and work remotely and submit your deliverable over the net.
  • You want to Suggest an innovative method for working with us on the project.

In case you are wanting to gain experience in one of the fields of the Project as an intern by taking up assignments

Students Options

The curriculum in education institutions require student to undertake Industrial Training or Carry out short Projects to be completed as a mandatory activity of their college courses. Several student groups (in groups of four) from different institutions have completed their projects at GYATK. Such projects are related to GYATK’s innovation, its business and Engineering operations. Student groups who carried out their respective Projects and the Projects available for future for such Projects are for following courses.

  • Technical Heads
    • M-Tech, B.E, B Tech, BSc/MSc in Engineering, Diploma courses, Etc. in following Domains of engineering.
    • Mechanical, Mechatronics, Metallurgical, Production, QC, Planning Engineering and Various subdomain in it.
  • Business Heads
    • MBA, and Diploma in Business Administration and Other Like degrees, in following Domains of engineering.
    • Marketing, Market Research, Business case study, etc.

Application for academic projects may please be send at and should include the time schedule details like Period and distribution of the dates/time allocated by the institution for the project and a brief on reason for applying