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RVCR - a gamechanger innovation in 'Mechanisms of Energy Conversion'

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Researchers are putting in efforts to devise alternate avenues of energy generation for Global environmental concerns and its conflict in the conventional energy ecosystems. Technological improvements are focused on reducing energy consumption by optimum levels of energy use etc. Hybrid and fully electric vehicles, bio fuel, gas, solar based algae farm fuel etc. are opted for in automotive segment. Wind and Hydro Powers Generation are areas of energy source diversification.

However, these solutions are unable to provide a concrete alternative to the fossil fuel Industry.

The difficulty in pushing reforms, despite universal environmental concerns is mainly due to the immense momentum of the oil economy, by the way of total and incremental human dependency on oil, since early 20th century. Secondly the alternative solutions are all localized and directed towards a segment, mainly for alternative transport; alternative fuel; & alternative electricity production. They are not cohesive enough solutions to take on the highly integrated oil industry which is interwoven across all the main streams of energy economy. The alternative technology solutions are not significantly efficient or mature to suffice for ever growing energy demands. They are costly, limited to regions or applications and not yet fully commercially viable.

The more realistic solution is a technology capable of transition i.e. technology that can bridge between present day emissions and zero emission desire, with a softer gradient. A technology capable to be adopted by oil industry but use oil ever more efficiently, reduce emission and yet be easily adaptable to convert into zero emissions machines.

We at GYATK have envisioned the gradual transition solutions to cleaner, greener industry and the core to this is a new Engineering mechanism and technology called RVCR. It is invented by engineer and scientist Das Ajee Kamath, founder of GYATK RVCR Apparatus Private limited. RVCR is a novel ‘alternative-engineering-mechanism’, to ‘conventional mechanism’ (Reciprocating piston-crank & Rotary centrifugal). The conventional ‘mechanisms’ are still the core to Industrial machines since the beginning of the 20th century.The crank mechanism is the main stay of the conventional fossil fuel gulping Prime-Movers used in transportation, power generation, in equipment’s for mining, construction, agriculture,
stand-alone prime movers and numerous such applications.

RVCR Concept

The RVCR concept is a seed principle in Prime-Mover Mechanism that utilizes superior physics of Fluid handling for converting energy within fluids into Power in a highly efficient Novel Manner. The Principal is applicable to all types of Prime-Movers for across industry sectors and segments.

GYATK has developed the core Technology for developing machines based on the RVCR Principal, to be used for Designing and Developing Prime-Movers (Engines, Wind Motors and Hydro Motors).

A Quantum leap in machine mechanism, combustion control and adaptive energy system

The Birth of New Age Green Machine Ecosystem

The RVCR is a Technology unified solution for the Transport and energy system and not limited to restricted segments. The Technology developed can be customized and scaled up or down for desired output, that would cover almost every sector in Industry.

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GYATK has developed the core Technology for developing machines based on the RVCR Principal, to be used for Designing and Developing Prime-Movers (Engines, Wind Motors and Hydro Motors).

Characteristic of RVCR Prime-Movers

  • To effect a transformational change in Transport and Energy sector. RVCR makes Engines Flexible to Multiple-Fuel-operations, reduce fossil fuel consumption by improved fuel efficiency; Reduce Emission, Downsized with lower carbon foot print.
  • RVCR engines introduce the switching of fuel during Operations adds a new dimension of providing a level playing field for alternative green fuels to compete with fossil fuel.
  • The Multi-Fuel capable engines also opens usage of Locally available fuel, thus unplugging power-generation from Fossil fuel supply grid. This allows of grid captive Power generation viable.
  • The RVCR Wind and Hydro Motor Power generators introduce “Positive Displacement Mechanism” Prime-Movers that bring about a radical improve in “Energy Capture Efficiency” and reduction in “Levelized cost of Energy” drastically.

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RVCR is the next evolutionary leap in Machine Mechanism to effectively diversify energy source into Renewable Energy on a Large scale.