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Pioneers of Break-Through RVCR Technology

The Unified Technology Solution for a Greener Planet
Developed and Patented by GYATK

Environmental catastrophe caused by fossil fuel is the single-most pervasive challenge in human History and much of it is caused by ‘Prime-Movers’. RVCR is cutting edge technological advancement that provides a Unified solution to overcome this challenge.

The transport and energy sector industries are exploring various solutions like battery drives, Green fuel Engines, Wind & Hydro Power Generators, Biofuels, geo/solar thermal systems, EV/PHEV, Fuel-cell, etc. All these solutions still use century old ‘Mechanisms of Energy Conversion’ which are highly saturated through decades of continual refinement. They are incremental innovations pursuing marginal improvements with no further scope for substantial improvement in efficiency and performance required to deal with the enormity of challenges from emissions and the imminent climate change. Almost 99% of Prime-Movers / Propulsion / Drive systems (Engines; wind, Hydro and thermal motors) are based on two types of Mechanism namely “Slider Crank’ or ‘Rotary (Turbine)’ mechanism which are at their celling limits of efficiency and performance.

We have conceptualized, developed and Patented the ‘RVCR technology’, an entirely new approach that adds a new dimension in climate change mitigation technologies, based on a breakthrough Concept in ‘Mechanism in Energy Conversion’. It delivers new breed of Prime-Movers with quantum leap in Efficiency, Performance and new adaptive capabilities, providing a concrete, comprehensive, viable solution to deal with 21st Century environmental market drivers. It marks a new beginning for new age green machines to succeed the century-long-reign of conventional mechanism based Prime-Movers.

RVCR - The next evolutionary leap in Prime-Mover Technology

RVCR Technology

    What It Delivers
  • Delivers Quantum leap in Efficiency, Performance, Reduces cost, Emission & Carbon foot print.
  • Concrete, Sustainable, Highly Potent, commercially Viable solution to revolutionize Energy & Transport Sector.
  • Allows a transformation by smooth transition from fossil fuel to a greener ecosystem.
  • Next evolutionary leap in Technology enabling unhooking from Fossil fuel Dependency
    The superior Physics of RVCR brings a paradigm shift in Prime-Mover Capabilities and seeds the birth of entire breed of new age Prime-Movers
  • RVCR leads to world’s 1st truly Feedstock agnostic Engines: - Allows the long elusive VCR feature in Engines that enables multi-fuel compatibility in I.C. engines permitting real time switching of fuel (Between fossil fuels and green fuels).
  • RVCR enables use of Positive displacement system for ‘Wind /Hydro motor’ for Renewable Power Generation that enhances energy capture coefficient and lowers the levelized cost of Renewable Energy for enabling smooth transition from fossil fuel to Greener Energy Ecosystem.

At GYATK, We provide our clients (hardware manufacturing companies/OEM’s) with services to adopt/Integrate the RVCR Technology systems into their products utilizing their existing business structure and thence provide the latest in technology to upgrade their Products to beat the best available globally. We deliver you global market leadership by cutting edge technology advantage.

Our Proposition
Get Future ready with RVCR Technology

We Undertake

RVCR Pilot Product Projects

  • RVCR Slow Speed I.C. Engines
  • RVCR Wind Power Generator
  • RVCR Hydro/Tidal Motors
We Offer

RVCR technology and D&D Services

  • I.P. Rights of RVCR Technology License
  • Engineering Research & Design Services
  • RVCR pilot Product Project Management
We Seek

Strategic Partners for commercialization

  • Investments
  • Partners in Prime Mover Industry Verticals
  • Business & Technical Professionals

RVCR Technology Product applications and USP

RVCR leads to an entire new breed of Prime-Movers for across Transport and Energy sector application, that overcomes the limitations of the conventional mechanism to crack-open century long ceiling limits of Thermal efficiencies, Performance, Downsizing, Cost and providing a unified technology solution to counter climate change and to stop and reverse Global Warming.

The RVCR I.C. Engines enables easy and wide range analogous variation of compression Ratio that allows real time switching from fossil fuel to green fuels during Engine Operation and thus providing a level playing field for green fuels to compete with Fossil fuels for a smooth transition to a green fuel ecosystem without conflicting with existing fossil fuel based economic structures. RVCR Wind Motors & RVCR Hydro-Kinematic Motors, increase the energy capture capacity with reduced Capital and Operations cost thus lowering the levelized cost of Renewable Energy, ensuring a complete unified technology solution for diversifying energy source to greener sources and address the 21st Century Environmental concerns and Market drivers.

RVCR Technology allows early adopters to Leap Frog ahead of today's technology leaders in conventional technologies that are based on mechanisms invented about a century ago and are saturated at peak efficiencies after decades of incremental Improvements, with only scope for very limited improvement at astronomical costs, thus providing RVCR adopting OEM’s with technology leveraging capability for sustained Market Leadership in the future Green Energy Industry Ecosystem.

GYATK owns the Global IPR of RVCR technology


RVCR delivers superior prime-movers, in terms of cost, utility, features, efficiency and carbon foot print, adaptive to both fossil fuel and green fuel, hence critical for unhooking from Fossil-fuel dependency. Our focus area:

  • Global I.P.R of RVCR and its upgrades
  • RVCR Technology know-how development
  • Pilot RVCR Product development Project capability
  • IPR and RVCR Product development contract Package for Clients

We are seeking investors and Industry partners for our endeavour to integrate RVCR Prime-Movers into industry main stream and leap frog conventional technologies using superior physics of RVCR to reshape the energy/transport sector technological landscape