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RVCR - a gamechanger innovation in 'Mechanisms of Energy Conversion'

Get future ready with RVCR Products

GYATK RVCR Apparatus Private Limited owns the Intellectual Property Rights of the global patents of
inventions in the field of machine mechanisms and its higher derivatives and its subsystems.

IPR & Technology Licensing

GYATK offers ‘IPR’ License to OEM’s/Manufacturers and Strategic Partners to monetize RVCR innovation.

RVCR is a seed Technology applicable to range of Products, across Industry sectors, and the IPR is carved for the segments and market geography of client’s interest. The IP Rights are segregated for flexibly suiting to accommodate client’s specific interest area.

  • Geography
  • Application
  • Product
  • Segment
  • Market

The 1 st IPR License agreement was executed by GYATK in 2007 and could facilitate interested clients with sample agreement if the client so desires. This is particularly relevant as the RVCR is a breakthrough technology proposition and Industry Players (How Big They Be) do not have experience and understanding of the dynamics of the various facets of the RVCR Proposition.

GYATK has valuable exposure in the various operational and value chain aspects, that are essential for the RVCR IP proposition to successfully deliver the business gains conceived in the IP deal. The two aspects covered in the IP deal for ensuring accountability and commitment for ensuring success of the business Proposition, are: -

  • A complete elaborate ‘Product Development Project Plan’ and its time bound execution commitment. GYATK provides services for Project Planning; Project Management; Consultancy for Planning, which clients could avail, unless the capability is available inhouse with the client.
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  • The Technological Operations Management system for effective and efficient execution and control over the technological operations of the Project. The process involves high end engineering excellence and GYATK provides this specialized competency, of D&D operations & Process Management services/consultancy.
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IPR Value Realization

To achieve synergy with clients, GYATK has formulated an engagement program of planned interactive sessions. The initial sessions begin after an outreach has resulted in interest between parties to engage and client shows commitment towards investing time and effort for a serious engagement. The flow-up action for assisting client in the process the following activities are offered by GYATK.

  • A High-level business case development.
  • Initial Due diligence of records and Registrations.
  • A preliminary assessment of suitability technology for client’s business.
  • The next level assessment of Client’s capabilities for integrating RVCR Technology.

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Much of this program is carried out over electronic communication (over a formal MOU and CA) physical meetings are conducted only if required. The program outputs a High-Level understanding of the Techno- commercial proposition and provides both parties with value assessment of the opportunity to conjecture on further investing time, effort and resources.

Once parties are committed for an intensive engagement the program is taken up for formulating a complete techno-commercial report and if required independent 3 rd party may be involved for valuation aspects of the business.

The cost of such engagement would have to be taken up by the client and would be latter set off in License fees if so agreed.

By the end of the program parties would be ready for a IP & Technology License agreement and for the product development project.
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"We deliver a complete cutting edge technology based commercial product package"

RVCR is a progressive mutation in Mechanics that propels next evolutionary leap ecologically Responsible Machines
for 21st century environmental demands that open doors for new generation