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A brief on history of development of Machines & Mechanism

1 1206 Al-Jazari, A famous Arabian engineer used the crank and connecting rod mechanism in a machine. Before him there were hand operated crank mechanism used in han china, Al-Jazari is the known one who first used this mechanism in a machine
2 1680 Dutch physicist, Christian Huygens designed (but never built) an internal combustion engine that was to be fueled with gunpowder.
3 1807 Francois Isaac de Rivaz of Switzerland invented an internal combustion engine that used a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen for fuel. Rivaz designed a car for his engine - the first internal combustion powered automobile. However, his was a very unsuccessful design.
4 1824 English engineer, Samuel Brown adapted an old Newcomen steam engine to burn gas, and he used it to briefly power a vehicle up Shooter's Hill in London.
5 1858 Belgian-born engineer, Jean JosephÉtienne Lenoir invented and patented (1860) a double- acting, electric spark-ignition internal combustion engine fueled by coal gas. In 1863, Lenoir attached an improved engine (using petroleum and a primitive carburetor) to a three-wheeled wagon that managed to complete an historic fifty-mile road trip.
6 1862 Alphonse Beau de Rochas, a French civil engineer, patented but did not build a four-stroke engine (French patent #52,593, January 16, 1862).
7 1864 Austrian engineer, Siegfried Marcus, built a one-cylinder engine with a crude carburetor, and attached his engine to a cart for a rocky 500-foot drive. Several years later, Marcus designed a vehicle that briefly ran at 10 mph that a few historians have considered as the forerunner of the modern automobile by being the world's first gasoline-powered vehicle.
8 1864 German engineers, Eugen Langen and Nikolaus August Otto improved on Lenoir's and de Rochas' designs and invented a more efficient gas engine.
9 1873 George Brayton, an American engineer, developed an unsuccessful two-stroke kerosene engine (it used two external pumping cylinders). However, it was considered the first safe and practical oil engine.
10 1876 Nikolaus August Otto invented and later patented a successful four-stroke engine, known as the "Otto cycle".
11 1876 The first successful two-stroke engine was invented by Sir Dougald Clerk.
12 1883 French engineer, Edouard Delamare-Debouteville, built a single-cylinder four-stroke engine that ran on stove gas. It is not certain if he did indeed build a car, however, Delamare-Debouteville's designs were very advanced for the time - ahead of both Daimler and Benz in some ways at least on paper.
13 1885 Gottlieb Daimler invented what is often recognized as the prototype of the modern gas engine - with a vertical cylinder, and with gasoline injected through a carburetor (patented in 1887). Daimler first built a two-wheeled vehicle the "Reitwagen" (Riding Carriage) with tis engine and a year later built the world's first four-wheeled motor vehicle.
14 1886 On January 29, Karl Benz received the first patent (DRP No. 37435) for a gas-fueled car.
15 1889 Daimler built an improved four-stroke engine with mushroom-shaped valves and two V-slant cylinders.
16 1890 Wilhelm Maybach built the first four-cylinder, four-stroke engine.
17 1893 Rudolf Diesel obtains a patent (RP 67207) titled [Theory and Construction of a Rational Heat- engine to Replace the Steam Engine and Combustion Engines Known Today] "Arbeitsverfahren und Ausführungsart für Verbrennungsmaschienen".
18 1894 First working model of compression ignition engine developed by Rudolf Diesel.
19 1905 For diesel engines turbochargers and intercoolers were manufactured by Alfred J Büchl
20 1908 Prosper L'Orange develops with Deutz a precisely controlled injection pump with a needle injection nozzle.
21 1919 First diesel engine from Cummins
22 1921 Prosper L'Orange builts a continuous variable output injection pump.
23 1951 Germen engineer Felix Wankel developed the concept of a rotary engine later called as wankel rotary engine.
24 1955 Mercidez used first gasoline injection engine in their super sports car 300 SL, It used a direct injection technology.
25 1957 First wankel engine was constructed by NSU engineer Hanns Dieter Paschke.
26 1962 Wordls first production turocharged automotive engine from general Motors
27 1973 First catalytic converter was developed by John J. Mooney and Carl D. Keith at the Engelhard Corporation
28 1977 The production of the first passenger car turbo-Diesels (Mercedes 300 SD).
29 1988 First turbochargers with direct injection in the diesel engine from Fiat.
30 1994 Unit injector system by Bosch for diesel engines.
31 1995 Denso from japan introduces first commercial common rail fuel injection system