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RVCR I.C. Engine Project: - Making VCR Engine Viable

We are in an endeavor to Design & Develop I.C. Engines utilizing the ‘RVCR Kinematic Mechanism Concept’ as a part of our Plan to provide the Transport and energy industry with new generation of Prime Movers, which cater to the market driver of the 21st century. Among the various Prime-movers our Primary focus is dedicated on RVCR I.C. Engines which is now at TRL 5/6 (Technology Readiness Level). The project is now entering the next Phase to reach TRL7 with the objective to develop a ‘Pilot Demonstrator Engine’ (specifications detailed in the project report) as per our business strategy with considerations to the Serviceable Addressable Market.


The project and the Business operations Growth is now reaching Technology readiness state of TRL -6 where its pace had slowed for systemic limitations in India for the projects further growth in technological and commercial terms.

GYATK has now shifted its Projects operations base to UK where it has developed its network of value chain and gained traction with EU based funding scheme Horizon 20-20. The Project progress part is covered in the ‘GYATK’s Growth against timeline’ document.

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The Prelude

The Project is a ‘Green-field Techno-commercial Endeavour’ in the true sense with no existing Technological precedence of its kind. RVCR I.C. Engine Design and Development Project by GYATK is primarily extrapolation of the core RVCR Technology development scheme, by focus on 4 strategic aspects as a carefully thought out strategy (detailed in the “about Technology” Section).

The equivalence of this specialized Project Proposition can be mapped to commercial R&D business in ‘Prime-Mover/Powertrain Engineering’ Industry to gain perspective of the various aspects of the RVCR business dynamics.

The Next Phase

The project is now set to take-up its Next Phase and is part of GYATK’s coordinated RVCR commercialization plan which involves handling of Parallel Projects by customization of the root algorithms of the RVCR mechanism for the specification needs. The technology structure is developed to suit this, and the details are covered in the ‘about Technology’ page.

The next milestone of the RVCR I.C. Engine project is to reach TRL -7 whereby a pilot demonstrator Engine of the defined ‘Minimum Viable Product’ specification.

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The Engine specification selected for the TRL-7 milestone is 150 Bhp Modular Engine that produces high torque at slow speeds, to serve as a Pilot Demonstrator Engine for small vessels in the Maritime/Inland waterways sectors and Customized Vehicle application. The choice of the segments is based on various business factors listed below

  • Market need and Opportunity Analysis.
  • Ease of product suiting to the end use application. Maritime segment has flexibility in space, volume and transmission requirement.
  • Regulatory stringency of the sector in various geographic Zones.
  • Product acceptance and Demand for novelty Quotient.
  • Platform for Product validation and ease of grounding the RVCR engine.
  • The Power rating requirement achieved by coupling Multiple Modular Engine Units (300, 450, 600 HP) to cover a range of sectors and segment’s needs.
  • The Ease of designing the Product.
  • The Ease of scaling up of the product.
  • The precursor to the Integrated Hybrid RVCR engine that would provide platform Engines with options to integrate electric, choice between Clean Combustion of fossil fuel and use of Green bio fuels.

Technical Details


RVCR Wind Motor Project

The RVCR Wind Motor device was 1 st conceived mid-way during the RVCR Preliminary Engine Prototype Development project is an off shoot of the base RVCR Technology. The configuration of the system was modeled in a virtual engineering software and a patent application for the system was filed in 2013. The Resource restriction and other engagements did not permit any fast-paced development in the project. In 2017 GYATK revived it’s wind motor plan and developed an understanding with network of partnering firms in India and in UAE for its Value chain requirements of this project vertical. The RVCR WMPG Project report has the details of the project and the business case. Project report

RVCR Hydro Motor Project

The RVCR Hydro Kinematic Prime-Mover Project is based on the invention titled ‘Fluid Driven Prime-Mover’ and which covers both the hydro cum wind Motors inventions. The Project to develop its technology was 1st conceived as a joint endeavor with the university of Maryland, and through funding from INDO US Science and Technology Fund. The network was developed with an American Manufacturing as a Partner however the difficulties form various fronts has held the project. GYATK is awaiting to find suitable funding partners to initiate this project kickoff.

The RVCR Hydro Motor has system configuration has two variant wherein the 1st one is for tapping energy from flowing water as in rivers, canals tidal water and ocean currents and the other for wave energy.