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RVCR - a gamechanger innovation in 'Mechanisms of Energy Conversion'

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RVCR Mechanism

RVCR is breakthrough technological advancement based on a new principal in Mechanism of Energy Conversion conceptualized and patented by Inventor Ajee Kamath. It has various downstream Engineering applications and leads to the birth of new age Machines.


Machines can do what humans cannot, Generate Electric power, Power our transport, Pump water, Compress Gases and are an essential Part of today’s Mechanized world. These machines consume energy and in turn pollutes the environment. Various Scientists and engineers are working tirelessly to improve Machine Efficiency and devise other alternatives for a greener planet like electric cars driven by Batteries, Fuel-Cell technology, wind turbines for Renewable Power Generation. But all these technologies are were invented about a Century ago and after continual refinement for over 100 years, they are saturated at peak efficiencies. They are unable to provide a viable solution.

RVCR technology is the concrete Alternative that Enhances Efficiency of Energy conversion through Superior Physics and leads to birth of highly advanced new age Machines. We are involved in design and development of various RVCR products like RVCR Green Engines, RVCR Renewable Energy Power Generators, RVCR Fluid Handling Machines ETC. that provide a concrete solution to the Global Climate change Problem.

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Technology History

RVCR technology is developed by GYATK through years of R&D, for commercializing Prime-Movers based on the new RVCR principal in kinematic mechanism invented by Er. Das Ajee Kamath.

RVCR Mechanism has numerous downstream applications in Industrial Products, generically known as ‘Fluid Handling Machines’ (FHM). The Technology constitutes of methodologies, techniques, formulas, information, designs, virtual Models, Analysis Methods and data, algorithms, strategies required for developing Products based on the Principal of RVCR Mechanism.

RVCR Technology enables various new characteristic features that delivers efficiency and performance which conventional machines cannot achieve due to limitations in their root mechanism.

GYATK’s Technology Development Strategy

The strategy adopted was to develop the technology with an ‘I.C. Engine’ using the invented mechanism as the final target product, for below listed reasons.

  • The complexity and sophistication of ‘I.C. Engine Design’ process covers almost all subsystems used in other applications. Other products can be arrived by removing Sub-Systems for adapting the design for fast development of alternative products.
  • I.C. Engines withstand extreme stress conditions and hence covers Design sturdiness requirements of all other application Products.

The strategy included, defining target specifications of the ‘Prototype Engine Development Program’ with consideration to the various Design and Engineering requirements of this Project. The criteria were to optimise the creative requirements and utilization of standard ‘Of the Shelf’ accessories systems where-ever possible.

The Technology Constituent Modules are segregated for ease of design process management and customization for varying applications.

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The Technological Gains

GYATK has perfected the root algorithms of the various critical sub-systems of the Machine Mechanism and their interdependencies that define the functional integrity of the RVCR Mechanism as a Fluid Handling Machine. The validation of these subsystems was carried out by physical manufacture of component systems and establishing the RVCR assembly to test the RVCR configuration.

The functional integrity of the Prototype assembly and essential sub-systems is validated through physical simulation of the thermodynamic gas process like compression, expansion, Gas Exchange and Flow Throughput. The mass manufacturability and longevity of components mainly the seals which have been a major issue for rotary Wankel engine is solved.

The RVCR Development Process is at Technology Readiness Level of 6 (TRL-6) and defined as: - The Prototype is functional in Relevant environment.

RVCR Project now is on-course to undertake the Next Phase to develop Pilot Products, for Technology capability demonstration and validate RVCR product functionality and Benefits.

Technology structure

The technology developed is structured in a ‘Tree table form’ where invented method is the ‘Root’ and core formulas form the ‘Trunk’, which are further customised for several ‘branches’ of applications. The genetic code of RVCR is in the patent which seeds ‘RVCR Ecosystem’.

The technology developed is structured in a ‘Tree table form’ where invented method is the ‘Root’ and core formulas form the ‘Trunk’, which are further customised for several ‘branches’ of applications. The genetic code of RVCR is in the patent which seeds ‘RVCR Ecosystem’. RVCR Rotary positive displacement machine mechanism upgrades performance & efficiency parameters of all generic FHM including, I.C. engines, Pumps, Compressors & Motors at the same time reduces overall footprint, leading to new generation machines & fluid handling devices to shape future Energy Ecosystem.

The main Advantages of RVCR Mechanism originate from the “Variable Compression Ratio” (VCR) feature. (ability to vary the Compression and Expansion Ratio).

'Fluids are sucked-in and then pushed out of ‘FHM’ and used for Pumping or compressing them in Pumps and Compressors. In engines fluids (Fuel or Fuel/Air Mix) are sucked and compressed and burnt for powering other Machines, before its pushed out. Fluid flow Energy of wind or water is converted to rotational Power, when forced through FHM'

RVCR combines efficiency of ‘Positive Displacement’ in a compact of ‘Rotary’ unit and delivers VCR, which Crack-Opens Efficiency and Performance ceilings considered impossible with conventional mechanisms.

RVCR Mechanism Unique Attributes

Technical Part :

  • A simplified ‘Rotary Positive Displacement Mechanism’ that achieves controlled variation of angular displacement of rotors to attain analogous Variation in Compression/Expansion Ratios.
  • A Rotary mechanism delivering ‘Variable Compression Ratio’ without use of linear Motion Pistons.
  • A Mechanism maintaining controlled cyclic ‘Dedicated Constant Volume’ between alternate Expansion and Compression during rotation.
  • A Mechanism deploying ‘Opposed Piston’ Principle with equal ‘Across Piston Sectional areas’.
  • A Mechanism Packaging two independent chains of links (Rotors) acting as ‘Multiple Opposed Piston’ within One Enclosed Chamber.
  • Two Rotors, alternately paired and unpaired from each other during rotation, alternating as ‘Moving’ and ‘Grounded’ Link to facilitate Transmission of Forces by each Rotor Independently.

Generic Benefits of RVCR in Engineering Applications

These Machinations allow performance characteristics to derive extraordinary benefits. The root Attributes of RVCR Mechanism and its Generic Benefits are summarized here.

  • 1st ever viable means to tap the benefits of ‘VCR’ in Energy Efficiency and Downsizing.
  • High specific power output by use of ‘Opposed Piston’ Principle in Rotary Configurations.
  • Reduced Vibration and Wear of Parts by complete Static and Dynamic Balancing of Rotors, thus reducing downtime for Maintenance.
  • Flexibility in Volume Customization by wider range of ‘Bore Stroke Ratio’ Equivalent to Suit Installation Space Requirements.
  • Non-Linear increase in the Degree of Compactness on scaling up.
  • 100% Mechanical Leverage during Gas Process as ‘Fluid Force’ acts Perpendicular to Torsion Arm.
  • Reduced Frictional Losses Owing to slow Speed High Torque characteristics.
  • Optimization of ‘Gas Volume Flow-Through-Put’ by real-time control of displacement angle (stroke) of the Rotors.

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Features enabled by RVCR Technology

  • RVCR Engines

    In Engines RVCR enables the features listed below :

    • Fuel Flexibility option “Switching between Fossil Fuels to Green Fuels” while in Operation.
    • Clean high efficiency combustion from “Constant Volume Heat Exchange Process”.
    • Reduced frictional losses from “Slow Speed Near Adiabatic Gas Processes”.

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  • RVCR Wind Energy Prime-Mover

    RVCR introduces New breed of ‘Positive Displacement’ principle in Wind Energy Prime-Mover. RVCR Prime-Movers are Game Changers in the wind energy sector and reduces the ‘Levelized cost of Energy’ and large-scale diversifying into wind sector. The new dimension enabled by RVCR are :

    • “installation of Power Generation unit at Ground Level” with no heavy turbine at elevated levels.
    • “Tapping energy from Hurricane force winds” and the beginning of Weather energy.

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  • RVCR Hydro-Kinematic Energy Prime-Mover

    RVCR introduces New breed of ‘Positive Displacement’ principle in Hydro Kinematic Prime-Mover which is radically different from conventional turbines. RVCR Prime-Movers shall enable large-scale diversifying into tidal and flow energy in Rivers and Canal without need of dams and flow interruption by dynamic machinery. The key uniqueness enables are :