Technology Integration Services

We assist you through the entire process for adopting RVCR technology products to help you attain ‘Zero Carbon’ objectives.


We provide Technology integration Services to develop and deliver customized Products based RVCR. This is a key service required for Client’s procuring IPR for commercial sale of RVCR Technology Products.

The Client could opt to develop RVCR products independently, in-house or by a 3rd Party, however hiring GYATK’ have several advantages.

Technical operations management

We engage with Industry in several ways in this entire value-chain and provide the players like OEM’s and other manufacturers of the end-products with various services including ‘Engineering Machine Design and Product Development Services’, I.P Rights etc. (click services).
We provide our clients (hardware manufacturing companies/OEM’s) with services to adopt/Integrate the RVCR Technology systems into their products utilizing their existing business structure and thence provide the latest in technology to upgrade their Products to beat the best available globally. We deliver you global market leadership by cutting edge technology advantage.

The Options

GYATK’s services contract are generally packaged as a part of the IPR License agreement for delivering complete commercial product manufacture know-how to the client. The Client can choose from Mix of options listed below.

  • GYATK accepts the onus to develop and Deliver RVCR Products for the client for commercial sale.
  • GYATK and client Jointly develop RVCR Products under mutually agreed terms.
    • Utilizing of clients inhouse resources like infrastructure, Engineering Design tools, Production facilities, Test facilities and for the Joint Development Program.
    • Hire only services for D&D activities not available inhouse with the client.

The GYATK advantage

Third Parties will have to start from scratch whereas GYATK already has Technology lead. The ‘D & D’ DATA Handling (Compilation; Documentation; Management; and Control) is done using a custom developed system by GYATK called TOMS ‘Technology Operations Management System’. TOMS is integrated with PLM and Project Planning Software and is a Part of ISO system. Other advantages

  • RVCR technology fine print Know-how remains Captive to client. A 3rd Party developing the know-how reduces client’s exclusivity advantage considerably.
  • Gaining Captive ‘Multiple Downstream Products’ development capability.
  • In-house technology leveraging capability for sustained competitive advantage.
  • Avail discounted rates of services by GYATK for its IPR Licensee.
  • Last but not the least, we best know about RVCR and making of its Products.

financials and structuring

Benefiting from GYATK’s in-depth understanding of RVCR tech project financing peculiarities. The project financing is kept flexible to accommodate the various factors. The main consideration for its future extrapolation of the project operations into an independent business vertical.

The Zero Carbon Technology demand among Sector & Industry verticals is segment specific. We engage 3rd party market analyst and experts for Survey, analysis, and evaluation.

Project and IP strategy management

GYATK executed by 1 st IPR License agreement was in 2007. GYATK has valuable exposure in the various operational and value chain aspects, that are essential for the RVCR IP proposition to successfully deliver the business gains conceived in the IP deal.

The two aspects covered in the IP deal for ensuring accountability and commitment for ensuring success of the business Proposition, are: –

  • A complete elaborate ‘Product Development Project Plan’ and its time bound execution commitment. GYATK provides services for Project Planning; Project Management; Consultancy for Planning, which clients could avail, unless the capability is available inhouse with the client.
  • The Technological Operations Management system for effective and efficient execution and control over the technological operations of the Project. The process involves high end engineering excellence and GYATK provides this specialized competency, of D&D operations & Process Management services/consultancy.

The Various heads covered are

  • IP Management
    • Ip due diligence
    • Foreground, Background IP strategy development.
    • IP Licensing & Valuation
    • Success fee and royalty structuring
  • Product life cycle
  • Product economics of scale Plan and (facility, Inventory, qc) costing
  • Technical support and training
    • individual product handling and Safety management
    • Operations, maintenance training (manuals)
  • Regulatory compliance management
  • Value and supply chain management
    • support Systems management, backward and forward integration
    • Individual system lifecycle interdependence
  • Warranties and maintenance
  • Logistics & agency management.
  • After sale maintenance, compliance, and regeneration management


We assist you through the entire process for adopting RVCR technology products to help you attain ‘Zero Carbon’ objectives.