What We Do

We conduct technical R&D / D&D Operations in two areas.

Technology (Know-How and Know-Why)

This is managed by GYATK and has in 5 verticals of technology development:

  • “Virtual Modelling”;
  • “Virtual Analysis”;
  • “Design and Standardisation” + “QC and Testing Data”; and
  • “Manufacturing, Material Handling Data”.

All this is managed with “Integrated PLM, Documentation and Planning” tools developed internally. 

The physical ‘Prototype and Product’ hardware

It activity is market segment specific. To develop a pilot product and carryout physical validation of the development process and successfully Demonstrating Pilot Products. This is managed both in house and at 3rd party Facilities.

GYATK has perfected the root algorithms of the various critical sub-systems of the Machine Mechanism and their interdependencies that define the functional integrity of the RVCR Mechanism as a Fluid Handling Machine. The validation of these subsystems is carried out by physical manufacture of component systems and establishing the RVCR assembly to test the RVCR configuration.
The functional integrity of the Prototype assembly and essential sub-systems is validated through physical simulation of the thermodynamic gas process like compression, expansion, Gas Exchange and Flow Throughput. The mass manufacturability and longevity of components like the seals (which have been a major issue for rotary Wankel engine) is solved.
The RVCR Development Process is at Technology Readiness Level of 6 (TRL-6) and defined as: – The Prototype is functional in Relevant environment.
RVCR Project now is on-course to undertake the Next Phase to develop Pilot Products, for Technology capability demonstration