Commercial R&D services

We will provide you with services covering all aspects of technology adoption

Technology & Innovation Services

Enabling RVCR adoption

New technology adoption is a highly specialized and arduous job. It involves expertise in technical, legal, market, statutory and business aspects. . Each RVCR tech commercial application case is unique, and we know how to suit RVCR to your market needs. We walk you through all these aspects for adopting and commercializing RVCR technology-based products

We devise segment specific optimal IPR for long-term revenue benefits. We also erect and operationalize open innovation structure for management of RVCR product project.

D & D Services

RVCR pilot product D&D services

we cover all aspects in ‘high-value-design’

The RVCR knowhow architecture is structured to easily derive product technologies for various down-stream Primemovers and fluid motor applications.

Our services cover all aspect of Product project planning; management; Virtual design (modelling and analysis) & Physical engineering (Manufacture, Assembly, systems integration), Testing validation and Product life cycle support.

Technology assessment

we help you through technology case assessment, deriving best IPR fit and Strategic product specification (MVP) deduction for your business.

We develop the best RVCR technology business case for your specific segment needs. We devise best RVCR tech strategy mix for your business case.

Our assessment support ranges from initial financial evaluation of RVCR product to its market grounding sense check, to technical support and to down-stream training needs.