pioneers of RVCR - Technology

We are inventors of globally patented RVCR concept, a superior principle in 'Mechanisms of energy conversion'.

Our vision is to be global leaders in catering to industry demand for 'Zero-Carbon' drive systems.

About RVCR
wind turbine

we are into commercialization of 'RVCR Technology'

We design, develop, and deliver RVCR technology primemover/motors capable of outperforming future climate regulations of transport and energy industry.

We partner with transport and renewable energy sector industry in projects for creating newer products powered by RVCR green primemovers.

Commercial aspects

the - 'RVCR Deep-tech' advantage

enabling industry with newer long term strategies to deal with environmental market drivers and 'Net Zero Carbon' 2050 goals.

to businesses aiming to dominate 21st century green transport and energy sector markets- we help you leapfrog ahead of global leaders.

The gains

we own the global IP rights of RVCR - Climate tech

Country Patent Number
USA US15030190
UK + EU - (Belgium, France, Germany, ireland, switzerland, Liechtenstein) EP14845005.9
China CN201480069244.3
India (pending) 3278MUM2013
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be 'zero carbon' ready with RVCR technology

We offer an opportunity to create and shape new markets of next generation green machines. We expertise in managing and executing JV and partnerships for commercilizing RVCR products.

We offer you RVCR IP exclusivity in your market segment against JV's and invesments. You can be a consortium partner in one or more of our RVCR product technology projects.

Support services
rvcr proposition

Monetize 'zero carbon' demand with RVCR tech

Be early-stage lead investor in RVCR product technology projects. Monetize the creating of newer markets of RVCR green Primemovers.

We invite you to explore the possibilites with our ongoing RVCR technology based green engines and Wind motors projects and other future product projects.

RVCR Prospects

Join RVCR endeavor.
Check project prospects

Engage with is to know more about our 'RVCR pilot product projects' for segment specific business verticals. RVCR projects opens opportunites for investments, newer business prospects for gaining early lead into future 'Zero Carbon' ecosystem.

Explore possible engagements in RVCR projects for professional experts, clean-tech promoters or RVCR climate advocates.

Ongoing and planned projects Career and business prospects
RVCR product projects


Global Entrepreneur Program of UK
ic2 institute
University of Texas


Department of Scientific and Industrial Research
European Commission


clean tech open
cti private financing advisory network
lockheed martin
stanford business school
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We operate from our base in UK and India. For more information, please drop us a mail or use the form.

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