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Who are we

pioneers of

RVCR Technology

We are inventors of globally patented RVCR concept, a superior principle in ‘Mechanisms of energy conversion’.

We specialize in developing newer superior ‘energy efficient’ systems technologies – based on RVCR principle. 

Our pursuit

Commercialising RVCR tech

We design, develop, and deliver systems with the coveted VCR feature that out-perform conventional systems with newer functionalities and capabilities.

We partner with industry players in projects for creating newer RVCR systems for use  and sale.

Our IPR Reach

we own the global IP rights of RVCR - Climate tech


 Patent No.



UK + EU – (Belgium, France, Germany, ireland, switzerland, Liechtenstein) 




India (Pending)


What we offer

The gains

The strategic - ‘Deep - tech’ innovation advantage.

To those aiming to dominate 21st century green transport and energy markets-  “we help you leapfrog ahead of global leaders.”

Our proposition

Create newer markets of next gen green machines.

Tap into opportunities from RVCR technology and IPR to create new markets of next generation green machines.

Support Services

Services for ‘RVCR - evaluation & adoption’

RVCR Opportunities


an enabler @ critical point

RVCR alleviates this pain by outputing a new breed of ‘Zero Carbon’ systems for climate market drivers.

RVCR Markets

Addressing Zero Carbon tech market demand

RVCR TAM covers entire transport & energy sector

Business Case

Creating newer markets

We develop business case for RVCR pilot product commercilization.


Our ongoing and planned projects

The physics of RVCR has numerous downstream engineering applications. Our 1st project is in the field of Green fuel I.C.Engine. (An Rotary -VCR system that allows switching form fossil to green fuels and vice-versa in real time)

The 2nd project is about developing RVCR based wind motor for renewable energy power generation.

RVCR Credits & Awards

Join the RVCR endeavor

Witness the seeding of newer unconventional Zero Carbon technologies.
Explore how you can tap into the benefits from RVCR

Contact Us

We operate from our base in UK and India. For more information, please drop us a mail or use the form.

🇮🇳 GYATK RVCR Apparatus Pvt Ltd, India, CIN : U73100KL2005PTC017897

🇬🇧 KGYAT Wind Power Ltd, United Kingdom

📞 +91 7403008844       

📧 info@gyatk.com