Gyatk RVCR Apparatus PVT. LTD.

Pioneering the revolutionary “Fuel Hybrid Engines” delivering Automobiles with multiple fuel choice

We are a Commercial R&D Company with expertise in design and development of products based on, globally patented revolutionary RVCR Technology. We endeavor to integrate the highly efficient & enviro-responsible RVCR technology products into industry mainstream by developing pilot product prototypes for mass manufacture by our Clients.

We associate with our Licensee clients as consultants and technology partners to make RVCR an effective & successful solution for their custom needs.

» Company Profile

Pioneering the revolutionary “Fuel Hybrid Engines” delivering Automobiles with multiple fuel choice

We are a Commercial R&D Company with expertise in design and development of products based on, globally patented revolutionary RVCR Technology. We endeavor to integrate the highly efficient & enviro-responsible RVCR technology products into industry mainstream by developing pilot product prototypes for mass manufacture by our Clients. We associate with our Licensee clients as consultants and technology partners to make RVCR an effective & successful solution for their custom needs.





» About Company

Gyatk RVCR Apparatus Private limited (Cochin, Kerala, India) was founded in February of 2005 by the Inventor, Mr. Das Ajee Kamath to commercialize his revolutionary invention of the RVCR Mechanism, and is 100% owned by the Founder. The RVCR technology provides for commercially viable Green solution to 21st century global fossil fuel concern & energy paradox, by making superior engineering products (Automotive Engines, Compressors, Pumps, Wind & Hydro-Electric Power-Generators) compared to conventional equivalents, in terms of cost, utility & carbon footprint.

The main objective of Gyatk is to establish itself as a Global Commercial R&D company. Gyatk since its inception undertook strategic capacity building exercise, and has progressed from a company which started with a positive IPER (International Preliminary Examination Report) from EPO (European Patent Office) to its current position with its core strengths namely, Global IP Rights (in 51 countries worldwide) of the Disruptive RVCR Technology, and indigenously developed Know-How & has gained its place as the incumbent prodigy of the 21st Century Global Commercial R&D Landscape.

At ‘Gyatk’ the core activity is Research, Design and development of products. Gyatk today has developed a “Design by wire mechanism” that enables us to undertake project for developing pilot products based on RVCR Technology for its various applications. At Gyatk, with our inherent strengths, we cater to the market demands pertaining to the area of engineering machine design. (namely the ever growing market demands for R&D services like Product development; Computer Aided Engineering; Product Manufacturing Know How; Precision cum Custom component design cum manufacture; and testing & trials.)

» Vision and Mission

“To be a step ahead in, engineering machine design expertise; shaping higher standards of ‘performance-efficiency interface’, and developing future generation industrial machines & products, by conceptualizing, incubating and commercializing disruptive inventions & technologies”

At Gyatk, we are driven by the urge to serve the purpose of enabling the society & global industry to achieve its utmost optimal ‘progressive & productive balance’ between Environment, Resources & its utilization. Today, we are in an age where mechanized system produces ‘excessive abundance’ of immediate needs, albeit its dangerous long term consequences. We understand that these systems are fueled by the basic necessity of any living species to best utilize resources from its environment for its survival, however ‘excessive abundance’ never existed and is an entirely new phenomenon which cannot sustain balance with its environment. In the 21st Century we face the challenge of sustainable adaptation to abundance which, otherwise might lead to apocalyptic consequences.

We at Gyatk believe that a reversal to non-mechanized past is not an option, but the solution lay in utilizing our unique endowment of ‘higher thought’ to devise newer disruptive enviro-responsible technologies & products. The essential part in the process of technology & product development is engineering machine design.

At Gyatk we strive for excellence in the field of machine design for converting newer ideas & concepts into commercially viable products. At Gyatk we endeavor to push the limits of performance & efficiency capabilities to achieve ever higher design freeze levels & thus developing the most relevant technologies of our time.

Vision & Strategy

At Gyatk, we endeavor to be a mark of excellence in the field of engineering machine design and develop capabilities for devising newer design systems, methodologies and techniques that focus on optimizing the vital cost drivers of disruptive technology products which define higher standards in energy efficiency, performance, utility and relevance; for end users & mass manufacturers, hence making it commercially viable.

Our integrated scientific assessment & engineering machine design ability, enables us to conjecture on the technology incubating and production process, (that which influences the commercial viability of the downstream products) of an early stage idea, is the key to our Business success.

At Gyatk we build our abilities by continual enhancement of knowledge base & tool skills to be in inventive domain and Innovation/innovating is norm & practice. We strive to always be a step ahead of time and work in realms Beyond Innovation for progressive and productive good of society and global industry


“To continually practice and enhance: - Scientific cum mathematical abilities; engineering skill cum tool expertise; collective know-how, for reaching ever higher design freeze levels, and simultaneously evolve efficient management methodologies; on course to develop the most relevant and commercially viable technology products of our times”


“Pursuit to excellence, directs the course of civilization”

“At Gyatk the path to excellence is to add newer dimensions by the way of successfully integrating disruptive technologies into the industry mainstream, thence providing continuum of newer platforms to build upon”

The Motto

“Race to excellence does not have a finish line”

» About Inventor

Mr. Das Ajee Kamath graduated from NIT (REC), Durgapur in 1990, with a degree in Mechanical engineering (B.E) and started his career in the same year as a Management trainee with IPCL (Indian Petro Chemicals Ltd.); however his passion for hands on engineering and sense of adventure, led him to the Merchant Navy in 1992. He served on Ocean going Merchant Vessels mainly Tankers, in various capacities till 2005. Mr. Kamath conceptualized the novel RVCR Kinematic Mechanism during his academic years at NIT, which he developed through time and eventually applied for Global Patent in 2003. In 2005, he received confirmation from European Patent Office (EPO) for his invention being true to novelty, inventive step and industrial applicability, in its International Preliminary Examination Report (IPER) issued in June that year.

The recognizing of RVCR as an industrially applicable invention by European Patent Office was the validation that Mr. Kamath awaited for initiating the process of commercialization of his invention and the establishing of Gyatk. Since its inception Mr. Kamath successfully stirred Gyatk, from a company that started with a single Patent in India and a positive IPER from EPO, to its current status as an incumbent prodigy in 21st century Global Commercial R&D landscape. Under the proficient directions of Mr. Das Ajee Kamath, Gyatk has laid concrete foundations & has gradually developed its core strengths in key strategic areas of business, which has brought it to the position where it is today.

Through the years since its inception, Gyatk undertook Capacity building as a strategic priority and has gained in strength in the various facets of commercial R&D business.

In 2005 Gyatk took a major step in development of the Technology by initiating a RVCR technology based “Prototype IC Engine development Project”.

In 2006, Gyatk secured funds through an Angel funding scheme by KSIDC and Grants from DSIR for its Business processes and product development projects.

Further, by 2007, Gyatk achieved a major milestone in commercialization of the technology by the way of successfully gaining the first customer in licensing the IP Rights & partnering with an Auto major in the country for developing an IC Engine based on RVCR technology.

By 2008, Gyatk successfully completed the Patenting process by securing patents in 49 countries worldwide covering all major Economies.

In 2009, the product development project had revealed most of the RVCR specific technology fine print and completed ‘Know How’ & ‘Know Why’ formulating exercise.

By 2010, Gyatk successfully carried out Technology Grounding Sense check exercise at the highest platform namely Engine Expo at Stuttgart in Germany, which led to a major engagement in the product development project for commercial use (information confidentiality terms, limits us from furnishing further details).

In 2011, Gyatk achieved its business revenue inflow by the way of Design consultancy for developing RVCR technology product and subsequently in 2012, undertook its first step towards expanding its business outside the country through a joint externally invested participation in WFES Abu Dhabi (World Future Energy Summit), organized by Mazdar.

Gyatk is currently on course to standardize its Technical & Business operations for preparedness towards undertaking multiple parallel product development projects for further expansion of its market base in various applications of RVCR technology.

» Organization Structure

Gyatk is a Commercial R&D and Engineering Machine Design consulting firm, and the organization structure for development & deliverance of “Technology Know How” and “IP Rights” is a close knit network of ‘Gyatk Advisory Board’, ‘Subject Matter Experts’, ‘Associates’, and ‘Outsourced Parties’ (Vendors/Suppliers/Service Providers).

It is a dynamic multi-functional group bound by the cause; of successfully commercializing the invention of ‘RVCR Technology’, and this arrangement has established Gyatk as a Successful R&D Entity capable of delivering ‘Turnkey Pilot Engine (& other RVCR application pilot products) Projects’. We are in the process of absorbing more full time personnel with Company’s growth, to envelope in house capabilities in all diverse fields of engineering (physical & virtual) and business process.

The Organization and Gyatk Network Structure

1. Advisory Board

  • 1.1 Dr. A S Rao , Director (Innovation) CIIE, IIMA, President, Indian Innovators Association and former Adviser DSIR.

  • 1.2. Dr. P H Kurien IAS Controller general of Patents (Mumbai); Former Industry Secretary, Kerala; MD Kerala State industrial development Corporation

  • 1.3. Mr. George Geojit, Managing Director Geojit ,BNP Paribas

  • 1.4. Mr. Ramchandra (CA, Deloitte Haskins)

  • 1.5. Mr. KT George (Chairman Kochi Casting )

  • 1.6. Mr. Jacob Raju (Proprietor Libra Engineering)

2. Chairman & Managing Director (CMD) – Mr. Das Ajee Kamath

3. Finance

  • 3.1. Mr. ST Prabhu, (Has wealth of experience in company structuring and finance, Director Finance Accel industries)

  • 3.2. Mr. Shirish Potnis (SFE)

4. Marketing

  • 4.1. Tetrix (Media Partner)

  • 4.2. Infisoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

5. Legal & IP Management

  • 5.1.Chaddha & Chaddha

  • 5.2. Foreign Law firms/Patent Agents

  • 5.3. Atherya Associates

6. Functional Group

6.1. R&D Projects (Gyatk Internal Depts.)

6.1.1. Project Management

6.1.2. Design & Conceptualization (DFMEA)

6.1.1. Project Management

6.1.1. Project Management MBD (Multi Body Dynamics) FEA (Finite Element Analysis, Structural & Thermal) CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics)

6.1.5. Standardization

6.1.6. Manufacture and Fabrication

Associate partners and Network Vendors

Mr. Jacob Raju (SME, Machining Process)

Mr. KT George (SFE, Casting Process)

Mr. Hariharan (SFE, Metallurgical Processes)

M/s. Hydrotech Industries (Partnering Industrial Unit)

M/s. Kochi Castings (Partnering Industrial Units)

M/s. Trans Techno (Partnering Industrial Units)

M/s. Libra Engineering (Partnering Industrial Units)

M/s. Indosys Technologies (Partnering Industrial Units)

6.1.7. Assembly & Mating

6.1.8. Accessory Systems

6.1.9. Testing & Tuning

6.1.10. Trials & Validation

» Social Responsibility

At ‘Gyatk’ we believe that education alone is the best leveler for all the disparities within the society and the inclination towards science in not a gift restricted to a few. Curiosity to know about our surrounding and our place in it is the beginning of science, and applying thought to put together the existing resources for solving such puzzles is the prelude to engineering.

At Gyatk we understand the importance of education and the role of academics in shaping the future of our society. The underprivileged of our society have lesser chance to cultivate their curiosity and thought resources. Modern mathematics based education can contribute towards the ability to enhance these chances. With this is mind, we at ‘Gyatk’ contribute financially to organizations involved in education of those on the fringes of the modern society, with the faith that this will help bridge the gap and help all to contribute to the scientific mainstream.

Organizations receiving our financial contributions include:

1. FRIENDS OF TRIBAL SOCIETY (Regd.) (Reg No. S/62039 of 1989/90)

2. GODSET Gowda Saraswat Education Trust