RVCR Business Case

We develop business cases for Investors and Industry stake holders to monetize Segment specific product commercialization.  


RVCR technology commercialization opens new investment opportunities for investors and stake holders of the Transport and  energy industry. We understand being a Deep Tech Innovation RVCR poses significant challenges to conjecture on its potency and outcome.  

We at GYATK ease out this challenge by developing a comprehensive Business plan for specific product project.  


Deep Tech challenge

RVCR is an Industrial Deep-tech innovation. It remains in the no-go zone for Industry players and generic investors due to its rare characteristic challenges. It involves change spread out over Tiers of Industry, across several fields of engineering businesses. Further it requires unique set of changes for each segment vertical. This makes ‘Product specific business Case Assessment’ for a targeted segment application, a highly specialized task.

Our experience of taking the D&D project bottom-up provided the deep insight into requirements of a RVCR Product commercialization project.


RVCR product project case seems more of a ‘Project finance’ to many investors, whereas it’s a case of ‘Innovation financing’ to Project financiers and Industrial banks. The evaluation and assessment spans over an extended period, for different risks including technology risk, financial risk, manufacturing risk, project execution, market risk, political risk etc. This means numerous coordinated rounds by multiple expert teams. The business risk evaluation of this B2B2C proposition is a 2nd and 3rd derivative function and an arduous task for Private investors and beyond their business norms, interest, and scope.

Hence, the Project needs to reach a threshold level of ‘Technology demonstrability’.

Our Methodology

(A Precedence/equivalence check of RVCR technology innovation can be seen in ‘the Turbojet engine innovation’ by frank whittle. It took multiple decades due to industry barriers. The project was pursued and kept alive conviction of the inventor engineer and his quest for legacy in engineering excellence un-till its growth was driven by ROI in Fortune.)

Our deep insight into RVCR helps Each project for any segment application begins with customizing of the base RVCR knowhow for the specific need. This is where the base kinematic synthesis followed by customized technology knowhow shapes up. The project finance modus depends on the specific project (self-financing external financiers , pool funding etc.)These projects are open to industry players of various types including OEM’s, to clean-tech start-ups seeking technology, Early-stage tech enthusiasts, Mid stage Tear 2 industry players etc.). 

Each milestone presents the innovation at a level of abstractness for forward consumption by specific business strata. Our plan strategizes over issues ranging from extended gestation duration, dependence on complex industry network dependence: long life cycle, conservative Industry mindset, and various levels of abstraction etc. It includes

  • To secure access channels with possible partners
  • Aligning initiatives to among partners (With diverging interests, ambition, and risk appetite, into a negotiated working consortium).
  • Onboarding clients into ‘Segment specific RVCR product project’
  • Maintain all partners motivated in the RVCR ecosystem.
  • Enabling proactive Investors engagement thru project process for evaluation

Business cases

Today after years of R&D in RVCR kinematics are showing results now.  We have traversed a long way in the journey of taking the core RVCR concept to a viable product. We have acquired

  • the knowhow to develop customized RVCR engineering systems for various Industrial applications.
  • The 2nd generation IP rights of RVCR technology in major economies around the world.
  • We progressed through the 1st tech demonstrator of RVCR kinematic proto.
  • We successfully executed the RVCR technology IPR licensing with an auto Major.
  • Our RVCR system projects have gained funding and recognition in EU and UK based innovation ecosystem.
  • We have developed competency to execute JV projects with OEM’s

The Covid pandemic was a very bad time for R&D projects that need lots of self-financing. It did put a halt to our endeavour. We see a great opportunity in the post covid era as industry gains composure for RVCR innovation.

We now have segregated the entire endeavour to facilitate its commercialization in various industry verticals. The business case is developed for convenience of investors and stake holders. The specific business case projects are classed under the status whether ongoing/upcoming/planned the application : –

Ongoing – (I.C.E)

  • R-VCR I.C. engine technology development.

This was the 1st project we started with and the most strategic one. It laid the foundation for all the subsequent downstream projects. This project’s objective was to develop the core knowhow of RVCR for I.C Engine applications. This could then further be customized for segment specific applications.

The project gained various credits and accolades including grant funding from DSIR (Department of Industrial Research) of GOI, EC Horizon 2020 scheme etc. It was winner of various international innovation competitions.

  • Rotary Green Fuel VCR I.C. engine for automotive applications.

The project was kicked off in a Joint project with Tata Motors Ltd. The objective was to develop an TRL7 prototype engine. This could be then developed as a pilot for an automotive application. The project was under an IP licensing agreement which reached TRL5. However, the various limitations with Industrial Technological Base in India for designing and developing I.C.Engines was a major challenge. (And when it comes to developing one based on an entirely new kinematic system, it’s a completely different ball game). The project base was shifted to EU where the pedigree to all engine technologies lay. Here the project got traction with the western ecosystem and specifically the – SME instrument – of the European commission. The project was stalled for a number of disruptions form breakup with TML, lack of funding, Brexit and Covid challenge. The project is being reinitiated now.

The MVP of the proto technology is  now modified. This is in considerations to enquires from custom car manufacturers. The pilot would lead to the usage of the technology for multiple segments across sectors.

Upcoming (I.C.E)

  • Rotary Green Fuel -VCR I.C. engine Marine Propulsion.

This project Is an offshoot of the earlier I.C. Engine project. It was conceived the demand for duel fuel engines in the Maritime Industry for Ship Propulsion. A scaled down model is being envisaged.

Upcoming (Renewable energy)

  • RVCR fluid power generator demonstrator development.

Though this project was conceived much earlier, and a patent was also filed for the new concept, it was abandoned for lack of resources to follow it up. The concept was mathematically modelled and latter a virtual model was created.

RVCR renewable energy power generators (RVCR -REPG) adds a new concept in tapping energy from flowing fluid. This system shall revolutionize the Green Power sector in a number of ways. This ranges from creating newer market of REPG where none existed before.

Planned (Renewable energy)

  • RVCR city based domestic wind power.
  • RVCR Shipboard marine wind power generator.
  • RVCR Hydro Motor Technology.


Our RVCR drive in ‘Specific Market Segment’ is set to open new opportunities for partnerships, professional engagements, and investments. We invite you to discover more about RVCR technology details and explore business prospects with RVCR technology.
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